Angela Sarafin, LMFT | Providing EMDR and and talk therapy services in downtown Washington, D.C. |

Guiding your journey to healing and joy.

Do you find yourself asking "When is this going to get better?", "Why can't I figure this out?", or "Why does this keep happening?"

Your past experiences might be causing you to be fearful, angry, or defensive, and negative feelings often get us stuck in unhelpful repetitive patterns.

When those feelings and patterns interrupt your productivity at work or cause communication or connection problems with friends, family members, and romantic partners – it is time to get help.

Angela Sarafin, LMFT | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Professional Counselor providing EMDR services. |

Angela can help you get there.

Angela provides counseling and coaching services to individuals seeking to reduce anxiety, increase efficacy at work, and improve interpersonal relationships.

She engages with her clients in a way that is thoughtful, animated, joyful and fun. She incorporates Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), spirituality, and systems theory in her treatment approach while remaining candid and caring.

Angela Sarafin, LMFT | Counseling and coaching services to reduce anxiety, and improve interpersonal relationships. |

Get started today.

To support your journey to freedom, Angela offers free 20-minute consultations so you can get to know each other, and you can ask any questions you have before making a financial commitment.

During your time together you’ll talk about your goals and assess whether Angela can help you reach them. If she does not have the specific type of expertise that you need, Angela will do her best to provide you with appropriate referrals.


Contact Angela to schedule your free consultation.

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