Angela Sarafin, LMFT | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Professional Counselor providing EMDR services. |

Meet Angela

Angela Sarafin works primarily with individual clients to build a trusting relationship with them. She takes an active and collaborative role in their journey to healing so they can achieve and maintain positive change long after therapy ends.

Angela focuses on helping people overcome past abuse, neglect, trauma, and disappointments. She works with them to solve current relationship struggles, and improve self-efficacy. She enjoys working with clients of all faiths, and includes a Christian perspective for those who share that faith.

Her background in Marriage and Family Therapy allows her to provide assistance to those experiencing difficulties in their family, work, or peer relationships while also providing pre-marital, marital, and family therapy as needed.



Angela was trained at the University of Houston-Clear Lake where she graduated with a Masters of Arts in Behavioral Science - Marriage and Family Therapy in 2007. 

She is currently licensed in the District of Columbia as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor, and is a nationally certified EMDR therapist. Angela is also licensed in the state of Texas as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Angela has worked in agency and private practice settings during her career.  She has been a therapist, a program manager, a business owner, supervisor for newly licensed therapists, and is currently appointed to serve on the DC LMFT licensing board.

She has experience navigating the unique needs and challenges associated with government employees, first responders, military personnel, and Capitol Hill professionals.


Angela’s Faith

Angela felt called by God to pursue a counseling career while she was working in software design at a major petrochemical company. Although software design and counseling may seem worlds apart, they actually use some of the same skills: listening to the client in order to understand the big picture, analyzing the places where things are not working optimally, creating a plan to optimize where needed, and providing guidance and support to implement the plan.

She holds an evangelical Christian perspective about life.  You do not have to share her beliefs in order to participate in counseling but, if that is an area of life that is important or of concern to you, Ms. Sarafin welcomes spiritual questions and conversations.


Empowering Women

Angela has worked with a variety of different clients, but particularly enjoys working with women who feel disconnected in a variety of ways:

  • struggling to establish deep friendships,

  • struggling to find community in the District with others who have similar spiritual beliefs,

  • feeling that their values are not honored or respected by the broader culture,

  • feeling emotionally unsafe with others in their workplace due to competition or gossip,

  • feeling lonely,

  • or experiencing a repeating pattern of failed romantic relationships, high conflict family interactions, and unhealthy friendships. 

Angela also works with female entrepreneurs who need encouragement and support in developing a business that reflects their beliefs and values.


Logo & Branding

Angela chose the owl as her logo and the words reflection, healing, and joy to express various aspects of her counseling practice and the therapeutic experience.

  • Owls represent wisdom, calm, focus, vigilance, and perspective. These traits are things that Angela strives to provide as your counselor.

  • Internal reflection is a necessary aspect of maturing. Verbal reflection is a valuable tool to reveal unhelpful beliefs at the root of unexpected emotions and automatic reactions.

  • When people come to counseling they are usually experiencing some degree of grief or loss, or fear of loss. The therapy process is designed to heal those wounds.

  • Adjusting your perspective can lead to joy even if nothing else changes.


Work with Angela

Angela's goal is to help individuals get in touch with the unique and creative parts of themselves again so that they can build healthy and supportive relationships with others.  She is skilled in both traditional talk therapy and in eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). Ms. Sarafin's background in family systems therapy provides a helpful context to understanding what motivates people and how early life experiences can influence our reactions to others as adults.